Escape rooms are fun and exciting, but they’re also tough. Breaking out of an escape room within the allocated time (usually one hour) requires you to have a strategy. The truth is, escape rooms aren’t impossible to break out of, you just need to know what to do right. Here are a few escape room game tips to bear in mind for a successful escape.

Pick the Right Team

Escape room games work best when you choose your team wisely. The most critical factor is that your teammates are comfortable with each other. It’s crucial that you can communicate well and cooperate towards a common goal. Another great strategy would be to pick a good group size. While some rooms will hold up to ten people, you want to go with a team of about four to six people.

Don’t Get FrustratedEscape Room Game Tips

Try not to get too fixated on a particular detail when you should be hunting for other leads, clues and hints. A great strategy is to multitask, split your group into teams that will perform varying functions. For instance, half the group can work on figuring out a puzzle while the rest hunt for more clues. Sometimes, taking a break from an element that’s frustrating you is all you need to find clarity and get a solution.

Good Communication

Communicating with the rest of the group is an essential strategy. Whenever you find something that may be a clue, be sure to announce it to the group. That way, you can get some input and thoughts from your teammates. Poor communication will likely lead to failure, whereas engaging with each other gives you a better chance of getting clues much faster.

Patience and Positivity

You have a limited amount of time to escape, so wasting time with negativity only hurts your chances. Staying positive and patient goes a long way in helping you to identify clues and figure out your next steps. Enjoy what you’re doing and try not to overthink the puzzles. Encourage your team members when they feel like giving up and make the most of every second.

Practice Makes Perfect

There are plenty of useful escape room tricks out there, but trying out a few could give you the skills and mindset to understand clues and determine where the creator intends you to go next. Escape room games are growing in popularity, and there are plenty of rooms with evolving themes. Don’t shy away from trying something new and you’ll start to get better at escaping.

Enjoy the Game

Once you’re inside the escape room, you have no choice but to get immersed in the game. There’s often plenty to explore so get right to it. Go through the room thoroughly, discover as many clues as possible and work towards cracking the puzzles. These escape room game tips will help you never lose sight of your objective. All your actions should be geared towards completing the challenge and escaping. Also, make sure you’re in top form. Get a good night’s sleep the day before so that you’re mentally alert and ready to take on the challenge. Whether you are ready to escape from prison, or would like to experience a zombie apocalypse, our rooms here at Alcatraz Escape Games Tempe will meet all of your escape room needs.