Escape rooms are gaining popularity among people of all ages. To enjoy the game and have fun escaping, you need to develop some strategies. Here are a few tips on how to quickly beat an escape room.

How to Quickly Beat an Escape Room

Make a Team

If possible, play with coworkers or friends. It will also be more fun when there’s a common context for communication and play at fewer than the maximum team size. Playing at maximum team size comes with various disadvantages such as physical crowdedness, additional time in getting everyone up to speed, and not having enough things for everyone to work on.

Work Together

If you’ve been staring at a clue or puzzle for too long and can’t seem to crack it, ask a teammate to help you or take over the puzzle. This may continue until a few people can’t figure it out, which means you probably don’t have all the information you need.

Escape rooms also function best when you listen to your teammates. So if someone has an idea that seems crazy, don’t shrug them off, encourage and motivate them to try it as long as the effects are reversible.

Also, split your roles and don’t clump around the same puzzle. The idea is to work on what others aren’t working on so you can move faster.

Manage Puzzle Items

How to Quickly Beat an Escape Room

Most escape rooms will require you to use a key only once. As such, leave any key in the lock once you’ve used it to save time and prevent someone from trying to reuse the same key. However, bear in mind that there are rare cases where a key may be used more than once. To prevent team members from reexamining the same object twice, make a discard pile. Similarly, some escape rooms will require you to use an object more than once.

Be Comprehensive

When looking for clues, be sure to search the room as thoroughly as possible. Key objects will often be hidden in the most exotic of places such as:

  •    Hidden inside a book
  •    Placed on the edge of a high wall
  •    Behind a cabinet door
  •    In a secret compartment of a shelving unit, wall or floor

Split your team and assign people to search the room in sections. This helps to ensure the room is inspected thoroughly while also reducing the chances that certain areas will be overlooked. Most games will have a hint system so never hesitate to ask for hints whenever you feel overly stuck.

Solve Puzzles Efficiently

As you gain experience in escape rooms, you’ll eventually start to know what to focus on and what to ignore. For instance, there are cases where you can skip minor steps.

In Conclusion

Overall, learning how to quickly beat an escape room involves coming up with a strategy and implementing it throughout the game. Get into the game with a clear mind and try not to get too stuck on one individual puzzle. Most clues require you to look at the broader picture and most importantly enjoy the experience without being afraid to lose.