Is it the best time to get out and know your co-workers right now? Just as important as it is to bring the team together during the holidays to celebrate the end of the work year, it’s also important to ring in the new year the same way as well. One way of doing so is by engaging in unusual team building activities. Not only will these unique ideas spark interest amongst your team, but it’ll also bring more excitement as to what’s to come. Some ideas include sumo wrestling, paintballing, a zombie chase, or a dragon den. Continue reading on to learn more about these different team building ideas.

Four Unusual Teaming Building Activities

1. Zombie Escape

Unusual Teaming Building Activities
Another unusual teaming building activity is the zombie chase and escape. Since it is a game of zombies versus humans, it is an exciting activity for everyone to be engaged. So, instead of shooting other people like paintballing, here you need to eliminate the zombies that want to kill you and escape from them. You can try going to a zombie-themed escape room that will really test how well you’re able to work with your teammates in a limited amount of time. Regardless of if you’re in the mood to escape from zombies or not, Alcatraz Escape Games has different themed rooms that can fit any team’s preferences.

2. Sumo WrestlingUnusual Teaming Building Activities

Sumo wrestling is quite the unusual team building activity that really takes your team out of their comfort zone. Fortunately, there are sumo fat suits that are complete with protective gear to make the activity fun and entertaining. You can consider having employees wrestle against upper management for more laughs and cheers.

3. Paintballing

Paintballing might not seem unfamiliar, but it is a classic activity that cannot be ignored. It is fun, engaging, challenging, and may be a painful activity. Paintballing has different objectives and goals. Therefore, you need to coordinate well with your team members in order for you to compete effectively.

4. Dragon Den

A dragon den is considered the best activity for an organization that wants to improve creativity. Pick a few people to be the dragons, and then have some teams. Every team needs to design a product or a project that is relevant to the company’s business. Then the groups present their ideas or products to the dragons, and the best team wins an award to display their recognition.

Bottom Line

These are just a few unusual team building activities you can try. To ensure everyone is involved, it is wise to involve a competitive element and to offer awards to the winners. Small prizes such as gift cards, work incentives, and more can really get a team going.