What are escape room games?

Over the past few years, escape rooms have become more popular; with a good reason. An escape room is a real-life puzzle game, where teams consisting of 2-16 players are locked inside an indoor room. The teams must use clues and solve puzzles to complete the tasks and escape the locked room. Most games incorporate a narrative and story that progress the gameplay, enabling teams to fulfill an adventure. Some groups may even become protagonists, depending on the type of gameplay selected.

Each game consists of a clear objective which may involve finding a key, combo, or a mechanism that will unlock the final door. At Alcatraz Escape Games – Tempe, we offer three different themes and stories for our participating teams. Wizard Hysteria, The Row, and Zombie Panic. Each room is highly decorated according to its theme and filled with the best production value for an out of this world experience. With the inclusion of highly skilled actors, we bring this experience to a whole new level. At Alcatraz Escape Games – Tempe, teams will be allotted only 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and find the key to escape.

Escape Game Themes

Wizard Hysteria: In an evil twist of fate, an evil wizard has once again escaped death and returned to torment the magical and non-magical worlds alike. You and your wizard cohort find yourself trapped within the castle walls—with only an hour to spare before the Evil Wizard lets loose his curse on your unlucky lot. To escape from the Evil Wizard’s clutches, you must find the six cursed objects hidden within the castle. The evil wizard greatly fears their destruction, find them quickly, and you may yet escape! Your former Headmaster has left clues in and around the castle grounds to help you locate each cursed object. Collaborate with your fellow witches and wizards as you seek to solve the hidden mysteries.

The Row: You are being held on death row, agonizingly awaiting the electric chair. The prison has proven to be escape-proof, until now. Your contacts on the outside have placed a series of clues to aid in your escape. Watch out for laser security trip wires and a dangerous serial killer as you problem-solve your way out of one of our most challenging escape rooms. The clock is ticking. You have one hour. Will you make it out alive?

Zombie Panic: June 2020 The Zombie Apocalypse is behind us; humanity is nearly extinct. You and a nearby team of survivors are the remaining few that have not been infected and joined the ranks of the zombie apocalypse. Your fate depends on your ability to move quickly. Both teams are surrounded by zombies, which become more aggressive, quicker, and smarter as your location remains stagnant and unchanging. Zombies react to and follow noises, so be strategic if you encounter them. Discover and solve a series of covert clues intended to aid your progression. Communicate and collaborate efficiently or fall prey to the surrounding zombies. The fate of humanity depends upon your survival.

Now that you know what an escape room is, you might be ready to try one out for yourself. After all, it is the best way to find out about escape rooms. If you are prepared to make your reservation, book online at our website https://alcatrazescapegamesdfw.com/tempe/ or call us at 480-719-1234, and start experiencing it for yourself.